Scratch Conference 2018主题摘要




The Next Generation

Join us for an inside look at the next generation of Scratch — and a discussion of how Scratch is opening new opportunities for the next generation of children around the world.

Flat Scratch Jam: Computational Tinkering with Handmade Scratch Sprites

Computational Tinkering infuses digital environments with real-world materials. In this workshop, inspired by Dreamfeel’s flatgame jams, we’ll spend time drawing, crafting, and collaging scenes and characters. We’ll then photograph and import these handmade sprites and backdrops into Scratch and experiment with adding them to approachable and open ended projects. At the end of the session, we’ll share our work and reflect together about how combining tangible materials with programming can affect learning outcomes.

Physical Computing with Scratch on the Raspberry Pi

Break out of the screen and control the outside world with Scratch and the Raspberry Pi! In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to use Scratch on the Raspberry Pi to connect LEDs, motors, and other output devices, and how to respond to physical inputs such as buttons and infrared sensors.

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