• 3D Model Viewer XBlock: to include and view 3D .obj models within an edX course
  • ACID Xblock: a block for testing the implementation of the XBlock runtime.
  • Adventure XBlock: creating a simple “Chose Your Own Adventure” style simulation.
  • Animation XBlock: shows students an animation they can go through. There is a set of images with corresponding text, and a slider for going through these images.
  • Audio XBlock
  • Brightcove Video XBlock: to include Brightcove videos within an edX course
  • Carousel XBlock– XBlock to provide carousel of multimedia instructional content including images, video, documents. This XBlock currently supports three web hosted media formats in a unified media carousel for course content presentation. This XBlock also provides a way to integrate instructional media with a separate workspace that could be used for hands-on activities.Click here for the demo
  • CarouselWorkspace XBlock– This is our second XBlock to combine learning content and practice space within the same window. The first XBlock provided a multimedia carousel to host learning contents here. This XBlock along with providing a multimedia carousel, focuses on embedding a separate url of a web-enabled workspace for hands-on activities. In the example below, we demonstrate this XBlock with terminal emulator using open source Gateone application. Click here for the demo
  • Drag and Drop XBlock: exercise which asks students to drag and drop text or image elements into different buckets according to their content
  • Drag and Drop XBlock v2: enhanced version of the Image Explorer XBlock. Due to incompatible data model with v1, the original XBlock still remains
  • Flash XBlock: Embed Flash (.swf) files into your course.
  • Google Drive XBlock: enables embedding of Google Documents or Google Calendar within edX.
  • hastexo XBlock: enables course authors to define and integrate arbitrarily complex computing environments running on private or public clouds, which auto-suspend when not in use. Currently supports OpenStack Heat.
  • Image Explorer XBlock: to display tooltips on top of an image within the course content
  • Image Modal XBlock
  • LeaderBoard XBlock: allows to display an arbitrary number of top scoring threads in an inline discussion, as well as top scores in a graded exercise.
  • Mathematica Cdf XBlock
  • Personality Test
  • Problem Builder XBlock: Set of interactive exercises, and tools to automate the workflow of real-life mentoring within an edX course. It supports: free-form answers (textarea) which can be shared accross different XBlock instances (for example, to remind a student of an answer he gave before), MCQs (multiple choice questions), MRQs (multiple responses questions), rating scales, progression tracking (allowing to check that the student has completed the previous steps before allowing to complete a given XBlock instance).
  • Ooyala Video Player XBlock: to include Ooyala videos within an edX course. It supports transcripts, overlays (to place raw text or html content at a specific moment in your video) and player tokens (to secure your video content using a token with an expiration time)
  • OfficeMix XBlock – allows for the embedding of lectures hosted on Office Mix directly into an edX course.
  • ORA2: Version 2 of the Open Response Assessor Project. Provides functionality for peer assessment, self assessment, student training.
  • Paella Video XBlock
  • PDF XBlock
  • PDF XBlock (alternative): Another XBlock to embed PDF, with XBlock title and download buttons.
  • Pie Chart XBlock: to include Pie chart within an edX course
  • Poll & Survey XBlock: enables a course author to create survey/poll elements to get feedback from students. Poll XBlocks have one question, and a series of answers. Survey XBlocks have several questions.
  • Rating XBlock: Rating and comment the video unit.
  • School Yourself: This repository contains XBlocks for displaying School Yourself (SY) content on the edX platform. These will be used in the upcoming AlgebraX and GeometryX courses, developed for the High School Initiative.
  • Staff graded assignment: Allows students to upload files to be graded by course staff.
  • Table XBlock: Table XBlock is powerful tool used to create user-editable tables.
  • Video JS XBlock: Use Video.js HTML5 player (www.videojs.com) instead of the default one.
  • SSH XBlock: Provides a web-based terminal emulator through which students can send commands to a server via ssh. The server details and credentials are set by the tutor in the XBlock settings and are not visible to the student.
  • Voice Recognizer XBlock: This XBlock allows students to recognize their voice and can see the what they spoken in text format. It supports multiple languages. This version works best on Google Chrome.

Experimental XBlocks:

  • Discussion XBlock: a prototype of the discussion XModule as a separate, pure XBlock. Functional, but requires patches to edx-platform at the moment.
  • Group Project XBlock: to allow students to work as a group of 2-5 on a group project, with peer grading between projects and team members. Functional, but requires patches to edx-platform at the moment.
  • Group Project XBlock v2 – second generation Group Project XBlock: allow students to work as a group of 2-5 on a group project, with peer grading between projects and team members, embedded discussions support and richer project navigation. Functional, but requires patches to edx-platform at the moment.

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