Open edX DogWood版本特性


前一阵子在社区发现一个有意思的点,Open edX的版本顺序为:Aspen、Birch、Cypress、DogWood、Eucalyptus,正好是字母表的ABCDE。以后可以不用这些复杂的全称,直接用D版本来简称DogWood就行。


根据现有的安装情况来看,安装过程中问题少了很多,看来Open edX在易用性方面逐渐在提升。


  • Badging in Dogwood
    • 未完成
  • Ecom Services for Dogwood
    • 只有部分文档
  • Insights in Dogwood
    • 计划中
  • Student Notes in Dogwood
    • 可能不会完成
  • Python upgrade
    • Working with Ops 目测已经完成
  • Django Upgrade 1.4 to 1.8
    • Working with T&L Lahore 目测已经完成
  • NLTK upgrade  TNL-2486 – 更新到新版NLTK 3   (拖延到 Eucalyptus版本 )
  • OPEN-507 – 切换 Open edX 使用新的逻辑流ICEBOX
    • SSO 和 LTI 应用需要可用
    • 需要放到下一个发行版
  • MongoDB/Pymongo Upgrade
    • Feanil Patel to provide some tickets for this work (Ops & Platform work)
  • CohortMembership fix ( TNL-3478 – JIRA project doesn’t exist or you don’t have permission to view it. )
    • Includes a management command, course_groups/post_cohort_membership_fix, to be run after data migrations.
  • Python 2.7.10 Upgrade
    • 用户需要重建virtualenvs
    • 新的 vagrant images 会有正确的 virtualenvs 和 python 版本
  • Course Overviews as source of truth for list of courses.
    • Includes a management command, “ lms –settings=X generate_course_overview –all”, to be run after data migrations.
    • If this management command is not run,
      • deployments that run with ENABLE_COURSE_DISCOVERY set to False, may see courses missing on their Course Catalog page
      • the Courses API “/api/courses/v1/courses/” may not include all courses in the system


  • “shoppingcart” 功能应该在Dogwood中考虑为废弃,将来的版本中会被移除。类似服务将由”Otto” 来取代。
  • ORA1 代码完全被移除。
  • Legacy instructor dash is turned off by default, and will be removed entirely in Eucalyptus
  • 移除的旧代码:
    • 管理面板
    • abtest_module
    • Psychometrics
    • “Licenses” djangoapp
    • FoldIt XModule
    • Studio 的课程核对表
  • Removed support for the outdated ispublic field on the Course Module, including its corresponding ACCESS_REQUIRE_STAFF_FOR_COURSE feature flag.  Instead, operators should use COURSE_CATALOG_VISIBILITY_PERMISSION and COURSE_ABOUT_VISIBILITY_PERMISSION settings.
  • The “graphical_slider_tool” is deprecated, and will no longer be available starting in in Eucalyptus (the code has been removed from Master).

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