LinuxCon, ContainerCon, CloudOpen and the new Open Community Conference combine under one umbrella name in 2017 – the Open Source Summit. At the Open Source Summit, you will collaborate, share information and learn across a wide variety of topics, with 2,000 technologists and community members.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s acting career spans the last three decades, and ranges from television (3rd Rock From The Sun) to arthouse (Mysterious Skin, Brick) to multiplex (Inception, 500 Days Of Summer, Snowden). He made his feature screenwriting and directorial debut with Don Jon (Independent Spirit Award nomination, Best First Screenplay). He also founded and directs HITRECORD, an online community of over half a million artists emphasizing collaboration over self-promotion. HITRECORD has evolved into a “community-sourced” production company, publishing books, putting out records, producing videos for brands from LG to the ACLU, and winning an Emmy for its variety show Hit Record On TV.


另外有一位13岁的开发者TANMAY BAKSHI,他有很多身份,重要的是He is on a mission to help at least 100,000 aspiring coders innovate through open-source coding, and take it to the next level – AI。


演讲者JONO BACON也参加了去年的Open edX年会, 一位社区开发的咨询者。His clients include Huawei, GitLab, Microsoft, Sony Mobile, Deutsche Bank, HackerOne, Mattermost, SAP,, Creative Commons, and others

会议的议题在这里   ,应该稍后Youtube会有会议视频。