Top 10 IT Issues, 2016: Divest, Reinvest, and Differentiate



  1. 信息安全: 开发一个全面、敏捷的方法来创建一个安全的网络信息安全,制定安全策略,减少机构接触信息安全威胁。
  2. 优化教育技术: Collaborating with faculty and academic leadership to understand and support innovations and changes in education and to optimize the use of technology in teaching and learning, including understanding the appropriate level of technology to use
  3. 学生成功技术: Improving student outcomes through an institutional approach that strategically leverages technology
  4. IT 员工招聘和留用: Ensuring adequate staffing capacity and staff retention as budgets shrink or remain flat and as external competition grows
  5. 机构数据管理: Improving the management of institutional data through data standards, integration, protection, and governance
  6. IT资金模型: Developing IT funding models that sustain core services, support innovation, and facilitate growth
  7. BI 商业智能和分析: Developing effective methods for business intelligence, reporting, and analytics to ensure they are relevant to institutional priorities and decision making and can be easily accessed and used by administrators, faculty, and students
  8. 企业应用整合: Integrating enterprise applications and services to deliver systems, services, processes, and analytics that are scalable and constituent centered
  9. IT 组织发展: Creating IT organizational structures, staff roles, and staff development strategies that are flexible enough to support innovation and accommodate ongoing changes in higher education, IT service delivery, technology, and analytics
  10. E-Learning 和在线教育: Providing scalable and well-resourced e-learning services, facilities, and staff to support increased access to and expansion of online education