Open edX Hawthorn.1 发布

Hawthorn中文为山楂树,是Open edX的第8个版本。Edx于8月4日发布了第一个H版本。可以通过访问这个版本。其他组件也有这个版本号。

The Hawthorn release includes a number of enhancements to the Learner profiles, the ORA component, the Files & Uploads page in Studio and many others. In addition, given many changes to privacy laws around the world (for example, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)), this release also includes privacy-related updates such as a user retirement feature that removes data in response to user requests for deletion . Further highlights are below:

LMS and Learner features

  • We’ve enhanced the learner profiles so that they now include the date a learner joined the platform and any course credentials they have received. This links to social media accounts and helps learners share information with one another.
  • Learners now have the ability to purchase all the courses in a program in just one transaction. This avoids the hassle of having to enter payment information multiple times.
  • New discussion notifications now send an email message the first time a learner’s post receives a comment. The message contains the comment and a link back to the course discussions for easy access.
  • Inline discussions are expanded by default. This change has led to a threefold increase in discussion participation.​

Studio and Course Author Tools

  • Course teams now have the ability to override learner scores for individual problems. This can be done through a setting on both the instructor dashboard and the Staff Debug viewer.
  • Course Reviews can now be viewed and added by learners from within the course experience. Open edX system administrators can configure a reviews provider such as CourseTalk to allows learners to leave reviews for a particular course.
  • Proctored exams have been improved, enabling course teams to add specific exam instructions in the Studio proctored exam settings.
  • The Files & Uploads page has been updated to significantly simplify the experience of adding all types of files to a course. This includes the ability to search and a Hide File Preview option.
  • The ORA problem editor has now been improved. A new interface offers the same formatting options for the prompt that are available for HTML components. You no longer have to create a separate HTML component above the ORA assignment.
  • Weekly course highlight messages can now be sent to encourage learners to remain engaged with self-paced courses. Specify a few highlights for each course section, and the platform sends out a weekly email message that lists these highlights. Courses on that enabled weekly highlights had higher verification rates than ones without.
  • The HTML components have been updated to give you even more easy formatting options such as aligning your text the way you want: aligned to the left or right, centered, or fully justified. Images to HTML components can be added right inside the HTML component itself, without having to upload files beforehand.
  • The Video Uploads page is enabled by default, course teams who partner with 3Play Media and cielo24, transcripts—including translations of transcripts—are added to Studio automatically.​​

Insights and Analytics

  • Learner grades are now included in weekly data packages. In addition, the “Passing Learners” column has been added to the table on the Courses page in Insights so you can easily see how many learners are currently earning passing grades in your course.
  • We have overhauled the EdX Research Guide, improving the organization and updating the topics.

Deployment Notes

Hawthorn installation follows the same steps as previous releases. Start here to learn about the possibilities: Installation Options.

To upgrade from Ginkgo, please install a new Hawthorn machine and then move and migrate your data from the Ginkgo machine to Hawthorn.

Detailed Release Notes

More detailed release notes, including more technical details, can be found on the Hawthorn release notes page on

Getting Started

To get started with Hawthorn, please take a look at our Open edX installation options and as always, feel free to reach out to us and the community if you have any questions.












CodeCombat 是一个开源的社区项目,上百名玩家创建了各种关卡,给我们的源代码添砖加瓦,添加新功能、修复Bug、测试、甚至是将其翻译为50种语言。职员、贡献者以及网站本身都在分享创意并奋斗中成长,这就是开源社区的力量。此网站在众多开源项目之上建立,我们为表感恩,也将网站开源奉献给社区,给好奇源码的玩家提供探索和实验的项目。每个人都能加入CodeCombat社区!看一下我们的贡献者页面了解更多信息。


编程是一种魔法。这是一种从想象中创造万物的能力。我们开始了 CodeCombat 这个项目,是为了让学习者通过编写代码感受到他们指尖上的魔力。




游戏能提供奖励高效的奋斗” –这种奋斗能为学习提供动力并富有激励性,而不单调乏味。










区块链技术代表业界和用户对去中心化的重视。个人对数据的所有权会成为社交网络的一个必要特征。因此当@种瓜 推荐Mastodon时,我看到了开源社区对去中心化和用户数据所有权的一个回答。

From WikiPedia

Mastodon(官方中文译万象,网民又称长毛象)是一个免费开源去中心化分布式微博客社交网络。它的用户界面和操作方式跟推特类似,但是整个网络并非由单一机构运作,却是由多个由不同营运者独立运作的服务器联邦方式交换数据而组成的去中心化社交网络。每个Mastodon的营运站点被称为“实体(Instance)”,用户可到任何开放登记的实体登记,任何一个实体上的用户可以与其他实体上的用户沟通。用户在推特中发布的内容称为“推文”,而在 Mastodon 中发布的内容则称为“嘟文(Toot)”,用户可以调整隐私设置限制嘟文被其他人或实体读取或查看。Mastodon吉祥物是一个棕色或灰色的长鼻目,描绘成正在使用平板电脑智能手机