第6个Open edX版本Ficus(榕树)刚刚发布,感谢为这个版本作出贡献的人-特别是来自 EDUlib的Pierre Mailhot,他持续为发布最新版本进行测试。



  • 新的”上一个”和“下一个”按钮来让学习者更直觉的导航。
  • 帖子列表不止包含标题,还有帖子里的第一行。这个改进在讨论区团队页面和行内讨论区都可见。
  • 进度页面加载显著加快。
  • 对于课程问题,确认最后确认按钮被整合为一个提交按钮,较少使用的动作(保存和显示答案)被移到了侧面。
  • 学习者可以很快看到问题是否已经被评分。
  • 课程讨论中的UI设计,包括帖子中的用户头像、新的头部区域、更直觉的主题列表和未读项目的指示。
  • 学习者可以根据投票来给讨论排序。

Studio and Course Author Tools

  • 课程团队可以在Studio中方面的拷贝和移动HTML组件。
  • For rescoring, course teams can specify that the system will only update a learner’s score if the process improves the learner’s score. For more information, see Rescore Learner Submissions for a Problem.
  • Using the advanced editor, course teams can include HTML tags inside the and elements for all CAPA problems.
  • Course teams can specify more than one correct answer for numerical input problems. For more information, see Adding Multiple Correct Responses.
  • For checkbox and multiple choice problems, course teams can use a element to display different content depending on specified criteria, such as the time of day. For more information, see Using the Script Element for multiple choice problems and Using the Script Element for checkbox problems.
  • The randomized content block component type no longer includes the unused Scored field. (This action does not affect courses.) For more information, see Randomized Content Blocks.
  • Course teams can now create custom pages that are only visible to course team members with the Staff or Admin role. For more information, see Add a Custom Page.
  • In open response assessment (ORA) problems, the assignment is now correctly marked as complete when a course team member overrides a grade from a peer assessment. For more information, see Override a Learner’s Assessment Grade.
  • Improvements to the word cloud tool include a new Instructions field and accessibility updates.
  • For drag and drop problems, course teams can now prevent learners from receiving feedback until they’ve dropped all draggable items.
  • The “View this course as” feature now includes the capability to view the course as a member of a specific cohort.
  • The Student Profile report includes two new columns: “enrollment mode” and “verification status”.


  • Insights现在提供单个学习者数据和新的“上一周的讨论区分享” 角度。
  • 5个分级的事件被增加:
    • edx.grades.problem.submitted
    • edx.grades.problem.rescored
    • edx.grades.problem.state_deleted
    • edx.grades.subsection.grade_calculated
    • edx.grades.course.grade_calculated


  • Administrators can configure third party authentication differently for each of their sites.


  • On the video player, improved controls make downloading videos, transcripts, and handouts easier. Additionally, the video playback and volume sliders are now visible when learners view videos in high contrast mode.
  • Core CAPA problem types have been updated to help screen readers and keyboard users identify and respond to these problems.
  • Navigating among questions and reviewing survey results in the survey tool is now easier.
  • The contrast has been increased on the sign-in page for Open edX sites.
  • In Insights, the element on learner pages now indicates the correct view when you switch between learner roster view and learner view.
  • The HTML structure of the Progress page has been reorganized, and the visual chart on this page is more accessible to learners who use keyboards and screen readers.
  • The course Home page uses heading levels 1-5 in a way that screen readers can more easily process.
  • For custom JavaScript problems, the jsinput tag includes a title attribute that helps orient non-visual learners.

Deployment Notes

With Ficus, the operating system for the Open edX platform changes from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 16.04, the latest long-term support (LTS) version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 12.04 reaches its end of life in April of this year. Unfortunately, upgrading Open edX from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 16.04 is not possible. If your existing installation of Open edX is based on Ubuntu 12.04, we recommend that you build a new system.